Instructor: Linda or Laurey>

This is a 3 week prep course followed by the test on the 4th week. The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen program is to ensure that our favorite companion, the dog, can be a respected member of the community because it is trained to act mannerly in the home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs. This preparation course welcomes both pure-bred and mix breed dogs. The test is non-competitive and all dogs who pass all 10 items will receive a certificate (that you must submit) from the American Kennel Club. As students of the Canine Sports Center all that pass will receive our CGC patch offered by the AKC as well as our Canine Sports Center signature bandanas for those that do not have one already. Order forms will be available for those wishing to purchase additional CGC items from the AKC.

Those only doing the test will be able to purchase a CGC patch for an additional fee upon passing. Order forms will be available if you wish to purchase additional CGC items from the AKC.

*Pre-requisite: Completion of CSC’s Basic Beginner Obedience 101 (or equivalent). Completion of CSC’s Advance Beginner Obedience 201 (or equivalent) is highly recommended.

This is not a basic obedience skills course and this should be taken into consideration when enrolling. Please bring a brush your dog is familiar with to the class sessions and test.

Canine Good Citizen Preparation Course & Test Registration Form


Instructor: Laurey

Our Nose work courses will use your dog’s natural scenting ability. If your dog has a nose, they can participate. There are no obedience pre-requisites, but your dog does have to be able to be crated (please bring your own crate) or stay quietly in your car while other dogs take their turns. This course will teach your dog to use their natural ability to hunt and scent. Nose work will give your dog an opportunity to burn mental and physical energy while building confidence, and strengthening your relationship with your dog.

Level 1 Foundation: Begin unleashing the dog’s motivation to search with focus and without help from the handler. The handler will learn to observe their dog’s behavior.

Level 2 Introduction to Odor: Dogs will learn to search for the first target odor (birch) without help from the handler. Dogs will be introduced to the 4 elements of NoseWork: Interior,Exterior, Vehicle, Container.

Level 3 Advanced Odor: Dogs will learn to search on or off lead in a safe environment. Owner can narrate and identify the dog’s behavior. Dog is motivated to search without handler’s help. Dogs will be pre-paired or ready for their first Odor Recognition Test (O.R.T.).

Level 4 Master’s Level: This level is for dogs that have passed their O.R.T. and are proficient in the target odor. Dog and handler are ready or have trialed and are moving onto NW 2 level and the second target odor (Anise). Dogs will learn to maneuver through multiple hides, multiple locations. Class may be taken off CSC grounds.

K-9 Nose Work Registration Form


For the owner who is dealing with situations that a class environment would not be ideal. Instructors will meet with the owner to evaluate the situation and begin developing a behavior modification program. Contact our office for more information and to be contacted by an Instructor.