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Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest Submission Form:

To participate in our monthly Facebook photo contest please complete the form below. Please note that only submissions from people who have "liked" our facebook page will be included in the contest.
  • Still need to "Like" us? Here's your chance!

  • Enter the username used to "Like" for contest eligibility verification.
  • Optimal dimensions: 403 x 403 or other square image
  • Contest Rules: By clicking "Submit" below you are agreeing to abide by these conditions
    1. 1. Diamond Creek LLC reserves the right to reject any submission thought to be inappropriate for our G-Rated audience, this includes photo submissions as well as caption text. If your submission is not able to be included we will contact you using the information you have provided in this form to let you know why.

    2. 2. Diamond Creek may use any information included through this form in both print and electronic media for the purposes of advertising.

    3. 3. To be eligible for inclusion in the contest you must have "Liked" our page on Facebook.

    4. 4. Only "Likes" for photos received through the contest album on Diamond Creek's page will be counted. "Likes" on an individual's facebook page will not count towards the total for the contest.

    5. 5. Diamond Creek LLC employees and sub-contractors are encouraged to participate in the contest, but are not eligible to win prizes unless noted in the monthly contest description on the Diamond Creek Facebook page.

    6. 6. Submissions will be accepted from the 1st of the month through the 21st.

    7. 7. The winner will be announced on the final weekday of the month at 5pm

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