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Instructor: Laurey

Puppy Preschool is open to pups 8-16 weeks old. It is a 7-week progressive course. The class is based on “Sirus Puppy Training” by Dr. Ian Dunbar with strictly “Positive Reinforcement” (using food with verbal reinforcement to train new behaviors). The class structure includes off leash socialization with puppies and people, basic obedience work: sit, down, leave it, loose leash walking and foundation recall. Educational information is discussed such as proper puppy rearing, avoiding unwanted behavior, crate training, housebreaking, nutrition, jumping, mouthing, management and many other issues associated with puppy-hood. Upon completion of Puppy Preschool, students can move onto Beginner Obedience 101.


Instructor: Laurey, Linda or Dee

Beginner Obedience 101 is open to all dogs 16 weeks or older. This 7-week progressive course is strictly a “positive reinforcement” course, using the lure and reward method (using food with verbal reinforcement to train new behaviors), covering all the basic foundations of obedience: sit, down, stay, loose-lead walking, recall, attention, and good manners. Behavioral issues are covered such as problem-solving, re-training, the different types of collars and their usage, understanding canine behavior, nutrition, and other common issues associated with dog rearing. This course is designed in a two-part series and it is recommended that all students continue into the Advanced Beginner Obedience 201 Course upon successful completion of the Beginner Obedience 101 Course.


Instructor: Laurey, Linda or Dee

Open to all dogs that have successfully completed a CSC Basic Beginner Obedience 101 Course, or whose training methods and level has been evaluated and considered comparable. It is a 7-week progressive course. The class is strictly a “positive reinforcement” class and is a continuation of all basic obedience – sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, waits, come when called (recalls), leave it, and good manners. Emphasis is placed on stronger & more secure recalls at greater distances, quicker response to commands, all through elevated distractions.


Instructor: Linda

This drop-in pet obedience class is a continuation of all obedience skills learned in Beginner Obedience 101 and Advanced Beginner Obedience 201 in a fun atmosphere combined with optimal distractions and real life situations. Graduation from CSC’s Advanced Beginner Obedience 201 is required.


For the owner who is dealing with situations that a class environment would not be ideal. Instructors will meet with the owner to evaluate the situation and begin developing a behavior modification program. Contact our office for more information and to be contacted by an Instructor.