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Conformation Ring Training Text

*Previously called “Breed Handling”
Primary Instructor: Sara (Back-up Instructor: Cindy or Kathi)
Designed to give students of all levels the cutting edge they need to present a dog at its full potential in breed conformation shows. Professional handlers and experienced owner/breeder/handlers teach our classes. Students are taught proper pre-ring procedures, ring procedures, etiquette, dress, as well as how to train the dog for best performance in the ring. Dog training includes getting the dog comfortable with the ring experience, proper stacking, gaiting, and free-baiting. Other topics covered are preventing unwanted behaviors in the ring, proofing the stacks, and tricks of the handling trade. Our classes also accommodate Junior Handlers.
Classes are held on a drop-in basis on Thursdays. Please check our calendar for the listing of class times and instructors.

An Introduction to Conformation and Breed Handling Techniques.
Instructor: Kathi
(Seasonally offered)
In order to become a breed champion, a dog must earn points from judges who evaluate the dog against each individual breed’s “standard.” Breed handling is a sport in which a handler presents a dog to these judges. Our introduction to Breed Handling workshops are designed specifically for the exhibitor with limited or no ring experience and for those owners who want to train and show their own dogs.

In this 4-hour workshop we cover the basics of dog shows, beginning with how the entry process works, what to bring with you to the shows, basic ring procedures, how your dog will earn points and how those points add up toward making Fido a champion. We will introduce hand-stacking and free-stacking, techniques for using bait, and gaiting so that the judge can properly evaluate your dog’s movement. At the end of the workshop we will put the dog & handler teams through a mock show, complete with picking up armbands, to handing out awards to the team making the most progress.

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