Flea & Tick Awareness

1 May 2018
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1 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Flea & Tick Awareness

What to look for, what products to use, and how to avoid them

Finally, the warm weather is here. Unfortunately, with warm weather comes ticks & fleas. Per the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Lyme disease is actually the most transmitted vector borne illness in the US.  Lyme can cause a multitude of problems in pets and humans, if left untreated. Although the general public is mostly aware of Lyme, there are other tick borne diseases on the rise such as anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis & etc. Here is some more info about the transmission of these diseases.

And, one of the most difficult infestations to deal with is fleas.

Right now, ticks are very active and will continue to be until the first hard freeze. They will then “go to sleep” but not die. Fleas are present year round, but are most active in the warm weather.

Ticks: What to look for?

Pet MD has a really informative web page, stating the 5 things one would look for during tick season which include but aren’t limited to:

  1. A tick in your home
  2. Your dog develops a fever
  3. Unexplained scabs
  4. Head shaking
  5.  A bump on the skin

Also, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has really good tips and tricks on how to identify the variety of ticks.

Fleas: What to look for?

Pet MD, again,  has a really great and informative page on what 5 signs to look for to catch a flea problem which include:

  1. Abnormal scratching/licking/biting
  2. Unusual red patches on skin
  3. Hair loss
  4. Pale gums
  5. “Flea dirt”

What products to use?

Diamond Creek has always been a supporter of holistic remedies. In our shoppe, we have various products to choose from for dogs of all sizes, and even cats! The products range from collars to topical treatment. Diamond Creek also makes their own natural flea & tick repellent using Young Living essential oils. It comes in 2 sizes, and is perfectly safe and natural for your pet, while remaining effective. Click here to view our recommended products.

How to avoid?

While the above products will reduce the chance that you should find a flea or tick on your pet, this problem would diminish if eliminated at the source.   Diatomacious earth is a natural substance made from the ground-up bodies of microscopic fossils; it works by drying out the bodies of adult ticks and fleas, thereby killing them. You can also use diatomacious earth with borax and salt, to create a deadly concoction, eliminating every flea and tick in the vicinity.


Step 1 :

Combine the ingredients for the borax mixture in your bucket, using a large mixing bowl as your measuring device. Follow this ratio of ingredients no matter how much you need to use to cover your yard: two parts borax, two parts diatomaceous earth and one part salt.

Step 2:

Sprinkle the mixture with a hand trowel all over the yard. You should apply the mixture liberally but not in clumps.

Step 3:

Once you have sprinkled the entire yard with the mixture, use a rake to comb the area and make sure the powder gets down through the grass or plant growth.

Step 4:

Keep your dogs or cats out of the yard as much as possible for the first three days after applying the mixture. If too much of the mixture gets on an animal’s fur, the animal might accidentally ingest it while grooming and could become ill.

Step 5:

On the third or fourth day, liberally water your yard to wash away the borax mixture

Step 6:

Have an amazing time in the warm weather, with as little tick and flea problems as possible!



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