27 April 2012
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27 April 2012, Comments Comments Off on NADIA, THE FIRE ALARM DOG

One evening in February, Ian F., a Diamond Creek client, came home to his apartment in Torrington. Nadia, his handsome seven-year old Husky mix, greeted him with her usual enthusiasm. After feeding Nadia
and letting her out for a short time, Ian put a DVD into his player and relaxed on the couch while listening to some jazz music. Tired after a long day of attending classes while he is pursuing a master’s degree in music, Ian fell asleep on the couch. He awoke an hour or so later, staggered off to his bedroom and went back to sleep with Nadia at his side, forgetting about the DVD player.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Nadia began to nudge Ian and whine. Ian at first tried to put her off, hoping she’d quiet down and let them both get some more sleep. But Nadia was very persistent, so Ian finally rolled out of bed and prepared to let her go outside as he assumed that was what she wanted. To his astonishment, as he went into the front room, he saw the DVD player was on fire with three-foot flames leaping about. Fortunately, he had a small fire extinguisher nearby and was able to quickly put out the fire.

No doubt, the situation could have turned into a real tragedy for both Ian and Nadia. Ian recently told me, “There’s no question in my mind, Nadia saved my life that cold night last February. The nearest smoke alarm was in another room and didn’t go off, but Nadia didn’t need anything to tell her that something was terribly wrong.”

Nadia served as a reliable fire alarm that night. Who needs all that modern technology stuff when one has a best friend like Nadia? What a dog!

Bill Gregware
Owner/Diamond Creek Pet Retreat

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